Thoughts on the hurricane

  • Can your trees hit power lines or fall across the road? Cut those things down.
  • A hurricane is no reason not to go to your friend’s wedding.
  • People are surprisingly polite after a big storm.
  • A two hour wait for Cracker Barrel becomes instantly more tolerable after a hurricane.
  • A warm cup of coffee makes you feel a little less defeated.
  • October is a lovely time of year not to have power.
  • Having an empty fridge when the power goes out makes you feel like you won the food-spoilage lottery.
  • Pro-tip: If you have a 50% chance of losing power, hit the grocery store after the hurricane is over, if you still have power.
  • Friends are amazing, don’t use them, but enjoy their hospitality when the offer.
Peter Voorhees
Microelectronics Design Engineer